LE CORONE – Made in Italy

The story

“Le Corone” is a brand entirely made in Italy which has been established in the early 2000’s from the creativity of two Italian entrepreneurs and partners in life Lorenza Barboni and Giorgio Raffaeli. After 25 years of experience in the jewelry market, the original idea that has driven Lorenza and Giorgio, and which took  the brand to a very fast notoriety, is the “reinterpretation”. Le Corones’s eclectic and unique creations are designed  and handcrafted to satisfy fashion-conscious and demanding consumers yet paying the utmost attention to each and every detail, which makes each jewel a small masterpiece of style.

The concept

The concept behind the design & style of Le Corone is the reinterpretation of classic Italian jewels such as the solitaire or trilogy. They want their jewelry to look fashionable and glamorous, young and cool, yet representing classic evergreens.
The reason why they want to offer all women the opportunity to own affordable jewelry with an unforgettable personality, luxurious and glamorous at the same time, and of course wearable on every occasion.