Necklace Pearl Bis (white)


Fashion Necklaces Le Corone Pearl Bis 100% Made in Italy. Shell Pearl (white) diameter: 6mm/10mm. Materials: Silver 925 ‰ golden plated 18 ct. Resizable hypoallergenic silicone string. In price Included: Additional silicon band(easy to replace), certificate, gift box and gift bag – online store

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Le Corone Pearls: the new collection, where the classic elegance of the pearl and the sparkling light of the gemstones meet in unique, luxurious and extremely glamorous jewels. The Pearl Bis Necklaces make you shine thanks to the Cubic Zirconia stones which adorn the three pave washers. They can be worn alone to give a touch of brilliance to any daily outfit or be matched with rings, earrings and bracelets to form a stylish set suitable for the most important occasions.

Pearl Bis Necklace with two shell pearls of different sizes dangling from the resizable hypoallergenic silicone string. Three silver 925 washers plated in rose or white gold with a line of pave Cubic Zirconia stones. 1 spare silicone string is provided. Online Store



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